Monday, October 12, 2009

Yet more blood n guts....a special case!

Originally commissioned as another Slayer design, this project was pre-empted by an amazing opportunity to produce work for another project. Honestly, it's one hell of alot better than the first Unit 731 piece, so bringing it to a portfolio level finish is a priority. This is an "in progress" post so share how it's turning out and to solicit opinions about where to go from here...

I want input on this one! Any and all advice is welcome. Originally there were swords coming out the top of the head, but I'm kind of leaning towards this design for now. The neck parts might have tubes running out of them and I was considering turning the Banner shapes into IV bottles filled with some unholy toxins. Of course a part of me just wants to stop here with the schematic look still intact. At this point, this old boy's just for me and my portfolio, so lets pretend we're still in school and have an old school classroom critique...

(Digital color over pencil drawing by the way)


  1. Lookin' good! The flies are a nice touch. :-)

    Regarding the swords, I feel like hilts with no blades aren't really going to read properly. If this were a classroom critique, I might suggest taking them out entirely and replacing them with crossed syringes; this could be a case where less is more.

    But it looks like you're pretty far along on the render, so this isn't the time for such radical revisions. You might want to see what it looks like without the sword hilts, though. Otherwise I think it's looking pretty killer!

  2. Looks good my suggestion would me to add some chalk like white drawing just to highlight the spinal cord and some of the design elements in the background. I think the main face looks good but im not so sure about the brain maybe push the color and detail there. I like Marks crossed syringes idea too.

  3. Jason n Mark, Thanks for the help! Considering the syringes or throwing the blades back on and I like the idea of using chalky white for some of the background elements. It's all in layers so changes can still be made. I'll post more progress as soon as I have something to show!