Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm constructing my website and working hard to exploit the momentum built up in the last few weeks of school. Current work includes more comics and a single image portfolio. More work is on the way, and some older work has been added at the very bottom. My goal is to update and post once a week. More work is already on the way so please visit again to check out my progress. In the mean time my portfolio is on permanent display at:

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thesis portfolio 1of 2

Break between these sections...

Thesis portfolio 2 of 2

Some older work...

So here are a few older paintings! Of course I love comics, but I feel the need to make traditional work too. These paintings were from when I was learning how to work with oils. More work like this is on my to do list, including an actual professional portfolio. For now please enjoy these.

A little Harvey Dunn influence,
this was a real eureka moment!

A little viking influence....


Welcome to my blog, I'll be posting projects in progress as well as completed work here. For now, it's the closest thing I have to a website. The official site is under construction, but in the mean time please check back as I intend to post lots of new work, at least one piece a week. Current projects include more comics, different comics, a single image painting portfolio, and teaching!

Heres a portrait of me as I was, a sampler from my time at the Academy....

Beauty and the Beast. The beast rejected....

Head study from one of those old
Edward Abbey photos. A great way
to practice...

Yeah this one, it's based on "Whiskey in the Jar."
It's older, like two years. Revisiting this project
is way on the back burner but it's something
I want to come back to...

The mighty Stavros prepares for battle.
Love these frames, the rest of the
3 page story is in cold storage.

My friend Manar. Now this is the
technique and style I want to do
with Oils! Stay tuned for more!