Thursday, November 11, 2010

Memory lane and a personal favorite from the Clinton Era...

Back in 1997 I had the day job and a couple of minor illustration gigs. There was, and still is, a magazine called lollipop that I used to illustrate articles for. Every month I'd make pictures for 2 columns, one was about horror movies, the other about booze.

You can guess which column the Minotaur drinking Malt Liquor is from. For some reason I still love this piece and it sits framed on a shelf in my living room. It's everything cool and everything infuriating about a drawing style that dominated my work for over a decade. Yes the cloud of spirits escaping from the bottle is too busy to make sense, the hatching has no real plan to it, and the anatomy is funky as hell even if it is stylized. Believe it or not Bryce Cook one advised me to throw it away! None the less, great love for it remains, and now share it with You!