Sunday, July 19, 2009

Update, Sketches and a Serious Reccomendation!

I've been busy lately, haven't posted in a while! Since mid June I've been teaching "Art Experience" classes at the Academy of Art, retooling my drawing style, and working on a larger personal project. I'll post my Webcomic here until I can give it a permanent home. Prieviews and first posts are forthcoming and I'm really excited to get to share it with everyone!

On Saturday July 18th I attended the "Metamorphica" event at the Bus Stop Gallery in San Francisco with my buddy Will. Jason Felix, a supremely accomplished concept artist, gave a talk and the best digital painting demo I've ever witnessed! After his talk and demo there was a sketching session with crazy ass costumed models outfitted by Bad Unkl Sista. They did 5 and 20 minute poses for a few hours. It was great, I'd recommend their events to anyone living in the Bay area that want's to sketch some crazy imaginative shit in a comfortable relaxed setting!

Of course, I hadn't heard of any of these people until I found a flier in the Academy's illustration building. I'd heard of Jason a little from Spectrum, but I didn't quite know what to expect! What I got was a heapin' helpin' of brain food, a great demo, and some genuinely excellent advice from an artist that had previously barely showed up on my mental radar! They even had snacks! It was well worth the price of admission!

Here are some quick sketches from the show!


  1. sweet! you should really do more of these kind of quick sketches!

  2. That was awesome man, definitely doing that again! Sketches look good!