Monday, July 27, 2009

Skudge Preview, Pencils in Progress...

Here's some of my recent pencils. I'm working in a couple of directions at once. The 30's gangster stuff came first. It was the first planned chapter of "Skudge". There are several two inked versions of this piece, I'll post em both. A radical redesign of the character and story has taken place and this page should be considered an "outtake".

The Berserker was one of the original Skudge story lines when scripting began. It was on the deep back burner until this weekend when it exploded into a twenty-page storyline. My excitement for this story is part style based and part story based. Inks are in progress and I'll post the final as soon as possible.


  1. Right on man, I like the panel w/ the close up of the match. We gotta do some Russ Meyer soon!

  2. Hey whats up thanks for the comment I love the first panel with the mustache over the round shield !! thats the best !