Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Notes from the Minister of Propaganda

It's been a busy year. Breaking the ice online and posting again has been tough, none the less: Here are the Three shirts I've done for Slayer in the past year. A big step up from the first I think.

It's been 2 years of brutal confrontational artwork and a serious desire to draw beautiful and funny things has taken hold. There's a few pieces in the pot right now. I'm convincing myself it's not portfolio work. By calling it personal work I'm hoping to chase off the twin demons of perfectionism and procrastination. In addition I've been going to Sketch night at the Society of Illustrators (note: this is me finally taking advantage of living on Manhattan). There's live drawing, (good) live music, and an open bar. (note: like many good things in NYC, the Society closes down in August)

Anyway here is my year with Slayer. Apocalypse (top one, and my personal favorite) and Altar of Sacrafice (2nd down) are on sale in Europe through the EMP catalog. Invasion is on tour with the band (3rd one). Don't worry, my desire to draw the pretty and humerous doesn't mean I'm softening up. It makes total sense that my first major break was depicting Blood and Guts. I just want my portfolio to make me eligible for work as something other than Satan's Minister of Propaganda.

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