Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In Progress... NuLich

The funny thing is, a year ago I'd consider this finished.
I have a fistful of unfinished pieces and roughs chosen to
bring to a finish as work proceeds on other stuff. Please
give your opinions and advice. I want this one to fulfill all
of it's potential and the old Chestnut St. studios crowd is
about as far removed as they can be in the continental US.

So I have to air my issues on the web, where process is recorded
for posterity. It's not very romantic, kind of kills the magic and
mystery, but it's what we have.


  1. Hi Eric! Love the lead dude - his hands are especially great. I think the one thing this piece could use is a sense of depth. Maybe use warm and cool contrasts to create foreground & background planes? My inclination might be to put a cooler cast over the foreground dudes so that our attention stays on the leader...

  2. Thanks Mark! I'm working on finding a better way to manipulate temperature digital pieces. It's definitely something that takes on a life of it's own. I'll try it out!

  3. Sometimes, simply desaturating your existing color does the trick. If you're using a lot of orange, for example, dialing the saturation all the way down gives you something that *looks* blue by comparison, without taking you out of your original color palette. I guess another option would be to throw in a cooler adjacent color, like a greenish hue... well, see what you come up with. :-)