Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Website down!!!

So my website is out of order for the moment!
It needed upgrading anyway and definitely a domain name change.
A proper update will take some time, but I'll have something simple
up asap and will post any updates to here for now.

On another subject: I've come to realize the Art Director I've been
working with is right, I'm almost phobic about using color. I love a
restricted palette, but this has gotten absurd. Look at that Minotaur
piece, the Lich, the Talhoffer Deathknights and you'll see a distinct lack
of Chroma.

A change is already coming. It's happening in work I've been producing
for the past few weeks. As soon as it can be posted it will be! For some reason I've been able to take a step forward that just wouldn't occur while working on personal stuff. For me, complete artistic freedom is overrated. Creativity is alot like gasoline, properly contained and concentrated it's explosive, but a puddle of it left on the ground will evaporate in moments. Properly harnessed and given a structure to operate in, it can take you thousands of miles.

That's all for now.


  1. Good luck with the new site, and I can't wait to see your new work!

    I se what you mean about the lack of color. Personally, I feel like the Lich piece still works - it has a nice balance of warms and cools, rather than being completely suffused with warm hues. I'm sure you have the matter well in hand now, but if you're trying to re-expand your color range, perhaps balancing warm and cool would be a good way to start?

    All the best, and congrats!

  2. Dude how's it going? I heard you are doing good man! Anyway I finished my pages, so feel free to check them out on my blog!